Get a leg up on P.A.D.!

P.A.D. (Peripheral Arterial Disease), is a frequent and severe vascular pathology. It concerns 3 to 10% of the total population (15 to 20% more than 70 years-old people). This disease is due to the narrowing of lower limbs’ arteries, because of atheromateous plaques.

Veinoplus Arterial is a medical device complying with 93/42/EEC and has been specifically developed to increase the arterial inflow in lower limbs.

Why using Veinoplus Arterial?

  • 1/ Significant increase of arterial inflow in PAD sufferers
  • 2/ Useable at all stages of PAD
  • 3/ No muscular ischemia, no pain
  • 4/ Used in major vascular centers


When to use Veinoplus Arterial?

  • Intermittent claudication : Stage II
  • Decubitus pain : Stage III
  • Arterial wounds : Stage IV
    … Even after revascularization surgery !
  • Prevention of reperfusion edema

How does it work?

1/ Apply the electrodes on the concerned leg (or legs), in a sitting or semi-recumbent position

2/ Increase the intensity slowly and progressively, in order to see and feel deep muscle contractions

3/ Easy-to-use: one single program, automatic shutdown after 60 minutes.

4/ No risk of overuse: the more you use the device, the better!

Read the instruction manual carefully before using the product

With proven effects on arterial inflow increase in the lower limbs, Veinoplus Arterial can improve the PAD sufferers’ care.


Clinical study carried out at Angers Hospital University (France) , published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery:

Calf muscle stimulation with the Veinoplus device results in a significant increase in lower limb inflow without generating limb ischemia or pain in patients with peripheral artery disease.

P. Abraham et al., Journal of Vascular Surgery 2013


Disclaimer :
The use of VEINOPLUS DVT does not replace standard DVT prophylaxis. In any doubt, consult with your doctor. Contra-indications : pacemaker or implanted defibrillator. Precautions of use:  please refer to the User’s manual..