Your performance and recovery partner

Recovery is essential for all sports. Launched in 2013 after 3 years of research and Development, Veinoplus Sport brings the unique Dual Recovery concept. Applied on calf muscels, it enables a global recovery thank to the Second Heart’s activation. Used on other muscles, it provides a local recovery (pain relief, prevention of DOMS and cramps)

Veinoplus Sport is a medical device complying with 93/42/EEC, has been specifically developed to speed up recovery after an effort.

Why using Veinoplus Sport?

  • A recovery equivalent to active recovery,
  • Clinically proven results,
  • Easy-to-use with only one program,
  • Efficiency endorsed by professionals in all sports!

When to use Veinoplus Sport?

  • After training sessions
  • During competitions
  • In transports

How does it work?

1/ Apply the electrodes on calves for global recovery, or other muscles for a local recovery

2/ Increase the intensity slowly and progressively, in order to see and feel deep muscle contractions

3/ Easy-to-use: one single program, automatic shutdown after 30 minutes. You can stop the stimulation at any time: Veinoplus takes only a few minutes to be efficient!

4/ No risk of overuse: the more you use the device, the better!

Read the instruction manual carefully before using the product

Veinoplus Sport benefits on recovery and performance have been demonstrated in 3 clinical studies carried out by INSEP Research Department, on highly trained athletes.


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In any doubt, consult with your doctor. Contra-indications : pacemaker or implanted defibrillator. Precautions of use:  please refer to the User’s manual.